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Our Parents Speak!


Shalom School has been essential to our ability to access a meaningful Jewish preschool education for our daughter.  The school is a wonderful warm environment where children from all backgrounds are encouraged to express their individuality and connect to Judaism through hands on learning, art, music, and celebration.  We have twins who will begin their Shalom School journey soon!  There is no greater joy than to see our children thrive in a school that is safe, welcoming, and enriching through Jewish education.

Caroline P.




"We love Shalom School for so many reasons. We've come here almost eight years with two kids. It's so much fun for the kids. They meet friends, and they can develop their social skills. They're just having a blast. I hear so many stories from them. It's a great school, a great organization, very structured and gives a lot of love and fun for the kids. My son and daughter caught on to reading very easily through the prep from Shalom School."

Gaby T.



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"We chose Shalom School because of the wonderful feeling of community that there is here. My daughter loves coming. She has such a great connection with her classmates. All the parents and the teachers are very involved in the children's day to day activities."

Monica B.



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We like the fact that it's a Jewish based curriculum because we want our son to be exposed to good values, and to be surrounded by good people."


Sean C.,  Preschool For All Dad - First Five Afternoon Program



"My daughter knows the prayers for the candles, the Shabbat songs, the Chanukah songs. She explains them to me! So she's very excited and enthusiastic about celebrating the holidays at home, which is wonderful for us."

Lynn D.



 "My son loves the outdoor playground opportunities.  There's soccer weekly and he is exploring nature through Golden Gate Park and classroom collections of shells, branches, rocks and lots more. " 

Lana S. 




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